Traces AIR Antwerpen

Wim Catrysse

Sep 2017
1973 lives and works in Antwerp

Wim Catrysse is video artist and filmmaker. For the Living Room XL Wim Catrysse screens the film MSR. The title is an abbreviation for Main Supply Route, the road used to supply military bases in conflict zones around the world. In 2012 Wim Catrysse visited the military air base Ali Al Salem in the desert plains of Kuwait. 39 miles from the Iraq border on a strategic position this air base nicknamed ‘The Rock’ played an important role in the US military operations in this region. During a sand storm Wim Catrysse surprisingly encountered a pack of dogs along the MSR. The film shows how the dogs find cooling by digging pits, protect themselves from the hot sand and attack each other. In the backdrop of this desert landscape they form an alienating presence. Nobody knows how they got there and where they came from. With MSR Wim Catrysse created an image for the rootlessness, alienation and survival to which refugees are exposed in the current migration crisis.