Traces AIR Antwerpen

Victoria Wigzell

Jan 2016 to Mar 2016
1990 Lives and works in Johannesburg

Victoria Wigzell is invited for a residency of three monts in AIR Antwerpen, in the framework of the annual exchange program with Ecav Sierre in Switzerland. During her residency Victoria Wigzell prepares her solo exhibition in the Showroom, Kerkstraat 45A, Antwerp. This exchange program is a collaboration between AIR Antwerpen, St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp, Ecav Sierre and Fondation Mercier Sierre.

As an artist Ms Wigzell considers herself to be in the business of making gestures – whether this involves her own body in direct action, conceptual exercise, or the making of sculptural objects and short films. Her work is concerned with the ways in which class affects perceptions and workings of culture, economy and infrastructure. At the same time Wigzell is equally concerned with the ability of her work to remain accountable to her concerns while existing simply as one series of gestures after another. Her ongoing project entitled “FREE LABOUR” aims to unpack both her work’s concerns and her concerns about her work, by giving up her labour to any person who may request it. The period and nature of work remain negotiable at all times. All requests for free labour should be directed to

Victoria Wigzell gratuated at the ECAV, Sierre, Switzerland and won the Prix ECAV de la Fondation BEA pour jeunes artistes. She was invited for the following solo exhibition: Books? Their books? Out of their books? Fall out of their books?, Galerie 3000 (Die Galerie im Schrank), Bern, 2014. Her work was also shown in the following group exhibitions (a selection): Captatio Benevolentiae, TOPIC Independent Art Space, Genève, 2015; Heritage 3 Nomadic Codes, Kunstmuseum Thun, 2015; Do It, Michaelis Galeries, Cape Town, 2014; Tout va très bien, merci, ION+, Zurich, 2014; Show, Showed, Shown, Le Manoir, Martigny, 2014; Re-Structuring Encounters, Sanlam Art Gallery, Bellville, 2013.