Traces AIR Antwerpen

Resident Inbound

Stefan Cantante

May 2019 to Jul 2019
lives and works in Frankfurt

In the framework of the annual collaboration between AIR Antwerpen and AIR_Frankfurt Stefan Cantante is selected for a residency of three months in Antwerp.

Stefan Cantante consciously inverts medium specificity in a coalescence of ostensibly opposing materials. Metal, textiles and industrially manufactured objects converge upon the precarious support system that is the hallowed the canvas. The canonical site of painting is judiciously called to attention by alternative mediums imbued with socioeconomic context that dispel autonomy in favor of agency. Cantante deconstructs social stereotypes embedded within materials like textiles and metal. Approaching fabric as feminine and queer, and steel as cold and masculine, he translates mediums into feelings, imbuing a vulnerability and instability more commonly associated with textiles in his work with harder materials. Similarly, Cantante fills the pores of fabric with paint, rendering it hard and stiff, a process akin to emotional camouflaging. The painterly hang of his textile works deny the medium of its innately soft, human character. Cantante chooses to practie as an outsider, reflected in the connotations of different mediums subverted in his work: high low, hard soft, in out. In a performative gesture resembling costuming, he straddles the spheres of theatre, art and fashion, playfully endowing and eschewing high art delineations through use and disuse of (the) canvas. (Sarah Crowe)

Sefan Cantante was invited for the following group exhibitions (a selection): Night of Sleaze and Sorrow, Bluebar, Frankfurt/M, 2019; I know what you did last summer, Basis, Frankfurt/M, 2019; After Rubens, Städel Museum, Frankfurt/M, 2018; Something is taking its course, Le Meridien, Frankfurt/M, 2017; superlife, fffriedrich, Frankfurt/M, 2017; before, after the butcher, Berlin, 2016; Festival der jungen Talente, Kunstverein Frankfurt, 2016; out of the blue, wellwellwell, Vienna, 2015; Crumbling Through Powdery Air - Otobong Nkanga, Portikus, Frankfurt/M, 2015; Kunststudent/Innen stellen aus 2015, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, 2015; AfG #62: Castell // Parallel Vienna, 2013