Traces AIR Antwerpen

Serra Tansel

Jun 2016 to Jul 2016
1989 °Turkey, lives and works in Istanbul and London

For this second part of her residency, Serra Tansel continues her work on ’Dünya Döner' which is a kebab shop sign presented on the rooftop terrace of the MAS museum, during the exhibition 'Istanbul-Antwerp. Port City Talks', that was part of Europalia Turkey. Serra tries to find a new home for the kebab shop sign, taking it out of the museum and making use of it for an actual kebab shop. She also works on a text work on her own and her friends’ immigration experiences to Europe from Turkey. Serra Tansel works with various media, in response to the context she works with. She is interested in the circulation and distribution of the works and uses materials such as water, pop songs, A4 paper and tattoo stickers to make her works accessible to a large group of people.

Serra Tansel studied at the St Martins College in London. Serra Tansel was invited for the following exhibitions: Sera Tansel Unlimited by Serra Tansel, noshowspace, London, 2015; ΓΛΥΚΙΑ ΜΟΥ – Joanna Peace & Serra Tansle, Snehta Residency, Athens, 2015; We Out Here: ParaSite School with Felipe Castelbanco, Melanie Coles and Shepherd Manyika, Royal Academy, London, 2015; Su İkramımızdır, met Duval Timothy, Polistar, Istanbul, 2014; BYOB, Pera Museum, Istanbul, 2014; Dasein at 'Left Unsaid', Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin, 2014; Change Symphony at BP: Tate Together Families Event, Tate Britain, London, 2012.