Traces AIR Antwerpen

Roya Keshavarz

Aug 2016
1988 Tehran

Roya Keshavarz is invited for a residency of one month in AIR Antwerpen, as part of the annual exchange program between AIR Antwerpen and Kooshk Residency Tehran. Together with Gauthier Oushoorn, Roya Keshavarz has been selected for this second edition.

Through the use of video, animation, sculpture, documentary film and photography Roya Keshavarz explores the essence of fysical movement and its barriers, being either fysical, social or psychological. One and a half year she followed a group of disabled dancers, followed their repetation, movements and reactions and slowly started to focus on their relation with personal space. After previous projects in Tehran, Roya Keshavarz wants to use this residency to focus on the reaction of coincident passers by towards dance in public space.

Roya Keshavarz studied at the Art University in Tehran and the Cambridge School of Art.