Traces AIR Antwerpen

Robert Šalanda

Jan 2016 to Mar 2016
1976 ° Olomouc, lives and works in Prague

Together with Belgian artist Alice De Mont, Robert Šalanda is invited for a residency of six months, as part of the new exchange program between AIR Antwerpen and MeetFactory in Prague. The first three months of their residency takes place in AIR Antwerpen, the last three months in the MeetFactory, Prague.

Robert Šalanda works with an imaginary database of abstract visual and linguistic symbols. His inspiration comes from an entire arsenal of digital images and everyday phenomena, from traffic signs to popular tattoo designs and semiotic analyses of text. The quote is an important element in his work – a found motif will usually appear in other works, in a number of unexpected constellations and contexts. Šalanda’s approach has two aspects. The first is primarily intellectual, based on his research with symbols. Here intuition is mainly applied in the treatment of the medium of painting itself, and through what are frequently surprising or seemingly irrational combinations of visual elements and content, but which ultimately give the impression that their “randomness” has been generated by some mathematical algorithm. The other aspect is a relaxed stylisation based on the artist’s obsession with lowbrow verbal and visual culture. Both aspects organically intersect in the resulting work, although generally one will tend to dominate.

Robert Šalanda was invited for the following solo exhibitions (a selection): Treasures, Entrance Gallery, Praag, 2014; I recommend, gallery 35m2, Prague, 2014; Word for word, MeetFactory Gallery, Prague, 2013; I'm happy for the win, INI gallery, Prague, 2013; Morse, St. Garden/ WinterSpace, New York, 2011. His works were also shown in the following group exhibitions (a selection): Czech Dream, Czech Center Gallery, New York, 2015; The fragments of sets, Fait gallery, Brno, 2015; 7 New Zlin Salon, The Regional Gallery of Fine Arts, Zlin, 2014; Temple of Freedom, Red gallery, London, 2014; Posth(e)aven on destabilized ground/ street festival –Vienna, 2012.