Traces AIR Antwerpen

Polien Boons (STRT Kit)

Jan 2017 to Dec 2017
1991 °Bonheiden

Polien Boons is invited to participate in the third edition of STRT Kit, a trajectory of one year which offers the opportunity to develop artistic practice internationally. STRT Kit is an initiative of Studio Start in collaboration with AIR Antwerpen and Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen.

Starting point in Polien Boons artistic practice is the open-minded fascination with which she observers her surroundings and the world she lives in. In recent artworks she positions men as a frail entity against the sublime forces of nature. Man, as center of the universe, always tried to prevail nature. In her practice Polien Boons shows the world cannot be controlled by the human reason.

Polien Boons was invited for the following solo exhibitions (a selection): FeliXart, Drogenbos, 2015; CIAP, Hasselt, 2016. Her artworks were also shown in the following group exhibitions (a selection): Attitudes to form, Museum M, Louvain, 2015: Rumor has it, Marres, Maastricht, 2015; Exocised, Sint Lukas, Brussels, 2014; Let’s send each other a meal, Maison Olivier, Brussels, s.d.; Vintrine #2, Library St Lukas, Brussels, s.d.; Tank #10, Entrepot, Bruges, 2012; Les Sujets de l’Abstraction, Musée Fabrete, Montpellier, 2012.