Traces AIR Antwerpen

Pantea Shayesteh

Feb 2019 to Mar 2019
1987 lives and works in Tehran, Iran

Dancer and choreographer Pantea Shayesteh is invited for a residency of one month in AIR Antwerpen as part of the annual exchange with Kooshk Residency Iran. Belgian artist Sebastian Willemen participates in the residency in Tehran. This exchange program is organized in collaboration with BOZAR and EUNIC. A presentation takes place on Wednesday 13 March in BOZAR, Brussels.

Pantea Shayesteh works with dance and performance. She mainly performs alone, sometimes in duo and often collaborates with musicians. Through gestures and movements she creates personages. These figures react on the current position of the woman in contemporary Iran.

Pantea Shayesteh holds a B.A. in Clinical Psychology and participated in the Fajr International Festival and the Dayereh Festival in Tehran Iran in 2018 with the performance ‘Willow tree that I know’, ‘Arrhytmic’, putative Balance’. In 2015 she performed at Saa Gallery with the performance ‘The Story of Seven Women’.