Traces AIR Antwerpen

Paky Vlassopoulou

May 2017 to Sep 2017
1985 ° Greece, lives and works in Athens

AIR Antwerpen invited Paky Vlassopoulou for a residency of five months in Antwerp, in collaboration with BRDG Antwerp, who organizes art projects in public space under a bridge in the neighborhood of Berchem. During this residency Paky Vlassopoulou creates a new site-specific intervention for this unique location.

Paky Vlassopoulou's (b. 1985, Greece) sculptures are often left in an in-between state, as a moment of formation and simultaneously of decomposition, pointing out the embodiment of time in both the object and its perception. In her sculptural structures the bonds between the parts are temporary and gentle and the objects are juxtaposed in order to be open to rearrangement, arrested within the time-frame of still life. Her exhibitions generally are site-specific – responding to, reacting and intervening with an existing space and its framework. Vlassopoulou's work- an either purposely incomplete or overstated scenography - requires the viewer to be physically and mentally present in order to deal with the level of uncertainty that her installations create. Very recently she added some performative elements, strongly related to Happenings, in order to investigate the intensity of the involvement, stimulation and absorption of the spectator.

Paky Vlassopoulou was invited for the following solo exhibitions: If future a dead loss, Werft 5 – Raum für Kunst, 2017 Cologne, Germany; Cause love is such an Old-Fashioned word (Δούρειος Ίππος), Enterprise projects, 2016 Athens, Greece; Be quiet, Nevan Contempo gallery, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic. Her works were also shown in the following group exhibitions: The Equilibrists, a project by the New Museum, New York and the DESTE Foundation, Athens, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece, 2016; Reverb: New Art from Greece, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA, 2014; A Thousand Doors, commissioned work by NEON foundation and the Whitechapel gallely, Gennadius Library/The American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece, 2014. Paky Vlassopoulou is co-founder of the artist run space 3 137 based in Athens, founded in 2012.