Traces AIR Antwerpen

LODGERS #8: Pages

Oct 2016 to Jan 2017
2016 Nasrin Tabatabai en Babak Afrassiabi live and work in Rotterdam

Pages Magazine is invited for a residency of three months in the framework of the eighth edition of LODGERS, in collaboration with M HKA. 

Pages is a bilingual Farsi/English magazine initiated by Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi in 2004. It is published sporadically in the Netherlands and its content always expands from the artists’ own practice. As an independent magazine, Pages provides a platform through which interconnected topics can be thought and explored outside the mainstream, market oriented network of the art world. Pages’ content is produced partly in the Netherlands and partly in Iran, and always collaboratively through long-term engagements with other contributors.

The recurring concern for Pages in the recent years has been the relationship between contemporary art and the archive. Digital technology has resulted in the proliferation of ad hoc archives. The archive has become permeable and is no longer bearer of historical context. Can art still rely on the archive as a historical premise?

During the period of their residency the artists will begin working on the next issue of Pages. The research and editing process that will follow, through collaboration and engagement of invited authors (artists, writers, theorists etc.), will be made public in M HKA’s residency galleries. The space will become a temporary laboratory for experimenting with various materials, thoughts and propositions that are gathered and produced during this process. What the magazine will come to hold is yet to be seen, but it’s content will evolve along two lines: opium and computational predictive pathology.