Traces AIR Antwerpen

Lodewijk Heylen

Nov 2015 to Dec 2015
1989 Lives and works in Turnhout and Berlin

Lodewijk Heylen and French artist Baptiste Crozé are selected for a residency of four months in AIR Antwerpen and Artistes en Résidence Clermont-Ferrand. The Résidence Croisée is a residency model in which two months (one in every residency) are spent together.

Lodewijk Heylen is a visual and conceptual artist, who is fascinated by the human urge to imitate, improve or harness the forces of nature. In his work he relates to industrial traces, transformations and concepts within a post-industrial society. Using preexisting materials and formats he constructs large scale installations that transpose between the natural and the artificial. Rather than confiscating space, the works material presence dissolve into their context, resulting in the question if it hasn't always been there.

Lodewijk Heylen was invited for the following solo exhibitions (a selection): Concrete Evidence 1M, Berlin, 2015; Dukdalf: Je ne suis qu'un gueux, Antwerp, 2014; Impromptu; E4/KM14, Lokaal 01, Antwerp, 2014; Concrete Evidence: Übermenschlich (Pulver und Sand), Berlin, 2014; Concrete Evidence: 1M, Stekene, 2013. His work was also shown at the following group exhibitions (a selection): Accidental Colors, BIN, Turnhout, 2014; Noli Me Tangere, Verbeke Foundation, Stekene, 2014; Correction Lines, Schwerbelastungskörper, Berlin, 2014; [bækˈsteɪdʒ], Recyclart, Brussels, 2014; Unbequemes Denkmal: Ein Kunstprojekt zum Schwerbelastungskörper, SBK, Berlin, 2013.