Traces AIR Antwerpen

Line Boogaerts

Nov 2017 to Feb 2018
1986 lives and works in Mechelen

Line Boogaerts is invited for a residency of four months in AIR Antwerpen and Artistes-en-Résidence Clermont-Ferrand, as part of the annual Résidence-Croissée exchange project, together with Tom Castinel.

The projects of Line Boogaerts essentialy concentrate on temporary drawings on windows, but are presented in divers forms such as site-specific drawings, performance, film, animated video and video installations. Her projects essentially concentrate on temporary drawings on windows. She applies tinted oil and soap on the glass with the use of brushes, window wipers and other cleaning materials. The work is presented either as performance, maquette or animated video in stop motion. At its core, there is always an element of time. The oil keeps the pigment from drying up so the drawing can always be erased by the hand of the artist or nature. The drawings are inspired by the usage of the window, the border between public and private space and how the window directs the gaze of both the passer-by and the inhabitant. Line Boogaerts drawings represent objects and elements, diminishing the border between private and public.

Line Boogaerts was invited for the following solo exhibitions (a selection): A fogged lens, art on paper, BOZAR, 2015; A Flickering Light, Traffic #01, Antwerpen, 2014; Instalraam, Croxhapox, Gent, 2013. Her works were also shown in the following group exhibitions (a selection): International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2017; Klare Verhältnisse, Thomas Kuhn, FZKKE, Euskirchen, 2016; Chambres d’O, Oostende, 2016; The City Performed, Triënnale Brugge, 2015; Open M, Museum M, Leuven, 2015; Meanwhile…the city Gdansk-Gent, 2015; Cuesta 14, Tielt, 2014.