Traces AIR Antwerpen

Lina Laraki

Apr 2019 to Jun 2019
1991 °Casablanca, lives and works in Marrakech

Lina Laraki is invited for a residency of three months in AIR Antwerpen by AIR Antwerpen in collaboration with the residency - and exhibition space Le 18 in Marrakech.

The artistic practice of Lina Laraki exists out of different media. Her practice explores affects and aesthetics related to the cinematographic apparatus by questioning the roles of space within and outside the screen. Her work sits in the context of expanded cinema which tends to create new cinematic senses by stretching its elements such as visual narration, form and rhythm. Using movement as a gesture and tool, she qualifies her practice as performative filmmaking using both the body and the geography as sites for sensational sequences to unravel.

Ultimately her work tends to create alternate safe spaces where emotional resistances can occur. Through a process of reconnection to what moves within, through and around ourselves, she formulates an invitation to revisit our parameters and those of the world we live in, eventually reclaiming a more tender and inclusive form of art.

Lina Laraki was invited for the following exhibitions and festivals (a selection): Guests and Hosts, Guest Projects Space, London, 2018; Iconographies de la Rue, Galerie Delacroix, Tangiers, 2018; Communisme des Ondes, Le 18, Marrakech, 2018; I-Screen program, 1:54, London, 2017; Traverse Video Festival, Toulouse, 2018.

Supported by Flemish-Moroccan house Darna, Brussels.