Traces AIR Antwerpen

Kitty Kamp (STRT Kit)

Jan 2017 to Dec 2017
1987 °Netherlands, lives and works in Brussels

Kitty Kamp participates in the third edition of STRT Kit, a trajectory of one year which offers the opportunity to develop artistic practice internationally. STRT Kit is an initiative of Studio Start in collaboration with AIR Antwerpen and Extra City Kunsthal Antwerp.

Predominantly working with video, Kitty draws upon the history of cinema, art and performance. With a keen interest in writing, she pursues a critical approach of her role as an artist and the situation of contemporary art. Moreover, she enjoys appropriating the absurdities of the world through various subjects of interest, and uses techniques borrowed from (popular) culture. Her focus lies on the mystification that arises from demystification and the process of (making) things.

Kitty Kamp was invited for the following exhibitions (a selection): LUX, LUCA Showcase, De Markten, Brussels, 2016; International Degree Style: Congratulation Show and Exhibition, Ravenstein Gallery, Brussels, 2016; Sturm der Liebe, Etablissement D’en Face, Brussels, 2016; Video Nacht Klub, B_L_I_N_K_K_K_K, Brussels, 2015; QQ’UN/QQ’CH, Brussels, 2015.