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Jelle Spruyt

Sep 2017
1979 Lives and works in Antwerp

Jelle Spruyt participates in The Living Room XL

The art of Jelle Spruyt is a total sensa- tion existing out of costumes, decors, sculptures, performances, sounds, smells and tastes. His works immerse us in an alienating, but not threatening, utopic world. Here origin, gender and political colors play redeemable roles and are interpreted in playful ways. Recently Jelle Spruyt focuses more on the use of textile in his installations and the reactions with ice and washing powder.

Jelle Spruyt was invited for the following solo exhibitions: Nature Morte, AIP, Antwerp, 2016; The Wanderer above the paper clouds, Zondvloed Mechelen, 2015; Operation Reinaert Foxtrot, Pekfabriek, Antwerp, 2014; Garden of Eden, Ingrid Deuss Gallery, Antwerp, 2012. His works were shown in the following group exhibitions (a selection): De grot van Alibaba, Pretoria, Antwerp, 2016; Unterseeboot über Malermeister, CC Mechelen, 2016; Bild, Bleek, Sint-Niklaas, 2015; To lame for fame, TTTT, Ghent, 2014; Glory Hole, LLS 387, Antwerp, 2013.