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Hotel Charleroi

Feb 2017 to Apr 2017
2010 Charleroi

HOTEL CHARLEROI is an applied research project initiated by visual artists Adrien Tirtiaux , Antoine Turillon and Hannes Zebedin in Charleroi, the biggest city of Belgium’s French-speaking part. From 2010 to 2014, HOTEL CHARLEROI has invited more than 100 artists for informal residencies in Charleroi and organized annual exhibitions in public or semi-public space that managed to bring together local and international audience.

Each year, HOTEL CHARLEROI has reinvented its field of research, in finding new emblematic locations within the city and using them as an artistic lab to address critical statements towards the city’s post-industrial development strategies. Among other projects, LE CHANT DES POSSIBLES parasitized numerous non-places around the city’s ring road (2011), VILLE EN ABÎME invested the 60.000m2 of the derelict Congress Hall “Palais des Expositions” (2012) and LA FORCE DU CHANGEMENT proposed a Winter School for a weekend on the construction site of a huge shopping mall in the old city centre (2014).

After five years of intense activity, HOTEL CHARLEROI to­ok a break to reflect on its legacy. The invitation to take part in the Lodgers Program now offers the collective the opportunity to prepare its decent end in Charleroi, spanning between two towns that stand for the country’s cultural, political and economic fraction. 2017 will be a lively celebration, for once not set in the present time, but looking both backwards and forwards.