Traces AIR Antwerpen

Eduardo Cruces

Jan 2017 to Mar 2017
1987 °1987, lives and works in Concepción, Chili

Eduardo Cruces is invited for a residency of three months in AIR Antwerpen in collaboration with St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. This residency takes place in the framework of the annual exchange program between AIR Antwerpen and the Fondation Mercier Sierre and art schools St Lucas and ECAV Sierre.

In his artistic practice Eduardo Cruces researches concepts such as the copy and the edition. He does this by restructuing art works by other authors in art history and literature. In his works he continues the works and art projects started by authors in the past. It offers him the freedom of illimitabele interpretations and the possibility to question the original economic and political context where these art works came into being.

Eduardo Cruces participated in the following exhibitions: ¿Cuándo para ciencia y cuándo para arte?, Casa Poli, Concepción 2016; The Gap Between, Transformers, Brussels 2016; Re-Nacionalización, Mesa8, Tomé 2016; Re-Conversión-Ruina, Pinacoteca de Concepción 2016; Vedi alla voce: Traversare, Istituto Svizero, Milano 2015; Latinoamérica: Zona de experimentación, Galería Metropolitana, La Paz and Santiago 2015; Merci tout va tres bien, Kasko, Basel 2014; La conviction, la precarite (la reponse), le symptome, Inbetween, Brussels 2014; Lota, entre ruines, historie et politique, Polesud, Lausanne 2014; Voy y Vuelvo, Móvil, Lima and Concepción 2012.