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Presentation Pantea Shayesteh & Sebastiaan Willemen

Presentations Pantea Shayesteh and Sebastian Willemen (Chepas Collective) at BOZAR.

Annualy AIR Antwerpen and BOZAR collaborate in setting up a residency exchange for visual artists between Belgium and Iran, in collaboration with Kooshk Residency Tehran and EUNIC. On Wednesday 13 March at 7pm a conversation takes place, departing from the actual experiences of artists in residence this year: Pantea Shayesteh and Sebastiaan Willemen (Chepas Collective). During residencies of one month in Tehran and one month in Antwerp both artists engaged with the specific socio cultural context. Both present works, gestures and interventions, which took place during the residency. The conversation will depart from the question what the necessity is to participate in such a residency and more universal what the role of art is or can be in these specific surroundings and society.

Pantea Shayesteh is a choreographer and dancer. In her works she depart from the specific role of the woman in the contemporary society in Iran and the restrictions of expression in a place were public space is ruled by the authorities. Pantea Shayesteh collaborates in her performances occasionaly with live musicians, who create a soundscape that coincides with her own body language.

Sebastiaan Willemen is initiator and member of the multidisciplinary collective Chepas together with visual artist Lola Daels. Sebastiaan Willemen focuses on the physical and mental perception of space, the occurrence of liminal space and the urban phenomena behind the metabolism of the city. During his residency in Tehran Sebastiaan focused structures in public space that control the movements of pedestrians, and the way that is dealt with traffic. He does this by the introduction of interventions, installation and the use of video and photography.