Traces AIR Antwerpen

The Living Room: Pepa Ivanova and Elvia Teotski

Résidence Croissée is a collaboration between Artistes-en-Résidence in Clermont-Ferrand and AIR Antwerpen. This year Elvia Teotski (FR) and Pepa Ivanova (BG/BE) were selected to stay two months each in Antwerp and Clermont-Ferrand. On 28 November they will present a snapshot of their first two months in The Living Room at AIR Antwerpen.

Elvia Teotski invites you at 7pm for a guided tour in the garden, in which she recently went looking for traces from the past and the biotopic characteristics of this place. Teotski studied agriculture before graduating in visual arts, in her practice she deduces fictions from different, and often wild, environments. Afterwards, at 8pm Pepa Ivanova gives a performance that is an introduction to her practice in which light functions as artistic material; During this presentation, light and sound become tangible and transformable. Pepa Ivanova studied at the HISK in Ghent and was a researcher at the School of Arts in Antwerp.