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The Living Room: Aura Rico

Aura Rico explores the relation between the individual, the city and the journey; Understanding journey as a methodology for personal and artistic transformation of space. The foreign gaze brings forth a set of images in which one excavates a perception of the city layer by layer. Multiple viewings and diverse reflections resemble as metaphors for a transformative looking, a viewing that is in flux and undetermined.

Rico's first experiment with photography will be on view both during The Living Room at AIR Antwerpen on November 21, and as a temporary installation in the window of Rotterdamstraat 82 from November 21 until December 21.

Aura Rico graduated with a master in visual arts at the University Javeriana in Cali. She was invited for the following solo exhibitions: Negligencia, Centro Cultural de Cali, Cali, 2016; Transurbancia, oscilar de adentro hacia afuera, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali, 2016; Transhumancia, The Office, Cali, 2016. Her works were also shown in the following group exhibitions (a selection): Arte Nomada 2018, Galeria Arte Nomada, Ciudad Saber, Panama, 2018; PIW + 2 Extractos de una cultura visual, Galerie Neebex, Bogota, 2017; Proyecto Thesis, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo MAC, Bogota, 2016; Ala, Alianza Francesca, Cali, 2015.

The residency of Aura Rico is part of the exchange program between Lugar A Dudas, Cali, Colombia and AIR Antwerpen. Marc Buchy participates in the residency at Lugar A Dudas.