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AIR TAILOR MADE: Reg Carremans

Presentation - AIR Antwerpen – 8 pm

Reg Carremans’ project, called ‘Transfyrgi’, seems to look for the senselessness of the artistic gesture. ‘Transfyrgi’ departs from a barcode, which is part of a flight ticket to Iceland in 2008. This code became the inspiration for a series of laser prints and a series of heavily reworked photographs. It is difficult to pin down the medium wherein these artworks are made; the photographs are rubbed until the outlines of the depiction are left, the whole is covered with an enormous amount of letters. The barcode is not only an identification code, it allows Reg Carremans to develop an abstract formal language relating to the image of the barcode. Process plays an important role in many of Reg Carremans’ art works. Each new work seems to be a new step in his research, departing from a concrete element, but soon diffusing in different translations and interpretations, until it leads to abstraction and finally invisibility. Alongside the presentation Reg Carremans and AIR Antwerpen organises a public talk about his work in which he shows five videos, including new footage of his latest project in Manhattan, New York.