Traces AIR Antwerpen

AIR TAILOR MADE: Malthe Stigaard & Re’em Aharoni

Screening - Cinema Zuid, Waalsekaai 47, 2000 Antwerp - 8 pm

During a six months residency in AIR Antwerpen Malthe Stigaard & Re’em Aharoni worked together on a collaborative film project, focussing on everyday behaviour and social exchange. The film has been shot on various locations in Brussels and Antwerp, including a film casting in WP Zimmer and observations in public space. A first rough version of the film will be presented to the public on this evening.

Malthe Stigaard’s work provoques strong opinions in its tendency to build towards social tension. The evening will function as a try-out in which the artists introduce the visitors in their thoughts and working process. It is a unique possibility to go into discussion with the artist about their practice and the questions it arises.