Traces AIR Antwerpen

AIR TAILOR MADE: Ella de Burca

Opening -  Appelstraat 27a, 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerp - 7pm

In a former mechanics warehouse you can find a large hole in the floor. The mechanic used to stand down, stretching his bones to work on the broken car above. He is in need of artificial light to perform his labor, to see work that needs to be done. Today artists use this space to exhibit their creative labor. They use lights to illuminate their work. ‘... only amateurs think that a creative artist can afford to have feelings. It's naive, amateur illusion; any genuine honest artist will smile at it. Sadly, perhaps, but he will smile.’* Thomas Mann.

On the ceiling of Grand Central Station in New York there is a large astronomical mural, but the depiction of the zodiac is backwards. This is because the artist, Paul Helleu, wanted to show the stars as they are seen from outside the celestial sphere. 

Ella de Burca views her exhibition as a physical manifestation of her thoughts inspired by a six month residency at AIR Antwerpen. A book will be published by AIR to coincide with the exhibition opening. The exhibition is open from 7 – 16th of September, from Wednesday to Sunday, from 2pm – 6pm or by appointment. For an appointment please *