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AIR RIVER BAR: DeathRace 2000

Event - AIR Antwerpen - 2012

On the 7th of April AIR Antwerpen will start with a new format in its programming: AIR’s River Bar, that will focus on artistic practice and processes of inspiration, thought and production. AIR’s River Bar will introduce the actual residents and will focus on a specific engagement of the artist praxis: artist curated exhibitions. Each edition one artist curated show will be presented in a performative way through installations, concerts and/or screenings, questioning its specific characteristics and differences and its value as a historic document and representation of an art community. AIR’s River Bar will return twice a year (in April and October).

This evening former AIR resident Rachel Lowther will create an installation with remnants of the exhibition “Death Race 2000” held at the Thread Waxing Space in New York 2000. This installation will be the setting of the video catalogue as well as a concert of Richy Midnight and the Condor Moments. In the building there will be performances, a video installation and a sound piece by Ella de Burca (IE), Alicia Frankovich (NZ), Nina Könnemann (DE) and Arin Rungjang (TH). During the night tunes will be provided by Dj Tiny Shot.

Participating artists in the original “Death Race 2000”: Alex Baggaley, John Bock, Robert Bruton, Brian Dawn Chalkley, James Dawson-Hollis, Sue deBeer, Omer Fast, Chris Hanson & Hendrika Sonnenberg, Thilo Heinzmann, Valeria Heisenberg, Kai Helmstetter, Georg Herold, Juliette Janvier, Phillip Lai, Lovett/Codagnone, Rachel Lowther, Sarah Lucas, Richy Midnight, Marlene McCarty, Pierre Molinier, Paul Noble, Laura Parnes, Manfred Peckl, Genesis P. Orridge, Andreas Schlaegel, Mary Ann Rich, Milena Vrtalova, Phillip Zaiser and Thomas Zipp.