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PROJECT: Staat van de Stad/ State of the City/ Zustand der Stadt

Staat van de Stad/ State of the City/ Zustand der Stadt

State of the City invites artists Stijn Van Dorpe (BE), Levent Kunt (DE), Mirte Van Duppen (NL), Ani Schulze (DE), Karl Philips (BE) and Ghislain Amar (DE) to research the complex sociocultural contexts of the cities Antwerp, Rotterdam and Frankfurt am Main. These three cities have the following in common: they are no capitals of their country, but they are international trade – and transit nucleuses because of the presence of respectively two world harbours, an international airport and the European Central Bank. The movements in these centres and the city do not always develop parallell. The movements in harbours and airports depend on the happenings of the international stock exchange. The developments in the city have to take care of a diverse social reality and have to explain themselves democratically for every inhabitant. 'State of the City' is an exchange program and group exhibition that researches the psychogeographic reality of these cities. During residencies of three months the artists work within this context, react on it and gather material for the group exhibition happening at basis e.v., Frankfurt am Main from October – December 2016.

This project is an initiative by AIR Antwerpen in collaboration with AIR_Frankfurt, Foundation Charlois aan het Water Rotterdam and basis e.v. Frankfurt am Main. 'State of the City' is supported by the Kulturamt Stadt Frankfurt, Flemish Community, Mondrian Fund, CBK Rotterdam (Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam), Generaldelegation der Regierung Flanders (Berlin) and <H>ART Magazine. This project takes place in the context of 'Flanders and the Netherlands guest countries of the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016'.