Traces AIR Antwerpen


Jul 2014 to Oct 2014
1971 °Aberdeen, lives and works everywhere

Savage is invited for a residency of four months in the framework of the site specific exhibition AIR Traces: Austruweel.

Principally bound by ideas of value Savage’s work focuses, and invariably delights, in the absurdities to be found in the everyday. Interwoven with narratives (some fiction, some fact) sleight and gently humorous work addresses ongoing concerns that remain endemic to our current political and social malaise.

From finding, restoring and ultimately returning various objects to where he discovered them to acts of petty theft and campaigns to give away possessions that aren’t his, Savage peristently engages in the rites and economics of exchange. Recent works have been borne from years of collecting – beginners guides, found abandoned helium balloons, as well as scenes from movies using the cliché phrase ‘What do you want from me?’ all compounding a sense of alienation from the world in which we are compelled to negiotate our survival.

Savage was once described as a ‘craptivist’, a moniker he acknowledges is symptomatic of a wider social apathy and an unwillingness to eschew desire making it effectively impossible and ultimately futile to affect change. On realising this he quit his job and his house, bought a camper and now lives a peripatetic life in search of the useless.