Traces AIR Antwerpen

Philippe Van Wolputte

Mar 2014
1982 Lives and works in Antwerp

Philippe Van Wolputte is invited for a residency of three weeks in the RAVI residency in Liège, in the framework of the exchange project Het Kanaal/ Le Canal, in collaboration with NICC and Espace 251 Nord, Liège.

The installations, interventions and collages of Philippe Van Wolputte show or suggest the possibilities of abandoned, neglected locations which have an important function in the memory and the social landscape of a city and in a way possess a beauty of their own. The artist’s interpretation of his experiences in creating his interventions and the intimate manner of viewing these spaces are documented in his photographs, video works and collages. Since 2005 Philippe Van Wolputte started a project named Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Spaces which are site-specific interventions that occur in vacant disused spaces. These buildings are typically demolished by developers and city councils as quickly as possible. The rapid measures taken to demolish these unused spaces are a way to exclude everything that is irrational, chaotic and seemingly unreasonable in urban planning. The TPES project draws attention to the existence of these spaces by making them accessible again for a short period of time. With an almost Freudian-like obsession, using narrow corridors and holes, he creates new passageways and infiltrates nearly impenetrable spaces, giving them a new temporary function as a fictional exhibition space. His installations are recreations of visited uncanny locations which he discovered during his explorations. He questions the functionality and possibilities by thurning them in temporary hideouts or artists work bases. In the documentation of his interventions he plays with the fetishes of art documentation. By doing this, fiction and reality blur into each other.

Philippe Van Wolputte graduated from St Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp 2006 and the Rijksacademy, Amsterdam, 2010. He was invited for the following solo exhibitions: Misfits, Elaine Levy Projects, Brussels, 2014; Inside, Outside, Downside, Elaine Levy Project, 2012; We Did It/ Disputed Territory, Chert Gallery, Berlin, 2010; T.P.E.S. 01/02/03/04, Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam, 2009; Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Space, Wilfried Lentz, 2008; In-Depth Study, Poort Napoleon, SMAK, Gent, 2006; Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Space 01, Antwerp, 2005; Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Space 02, Mechelen, 2005.

His work was also shown in the following group exhibitions (a selection): Crox 458-467, Croxhapox Ghent, 2014; Versus, Bruthaus, Waregem, 2014; Young Belgian Art Prize, BOZAR, Brussels, 2013; Perpetual Travellers, Savvy Contemporary Berlin, 2013; Black & Vases, Komplot, Brussels, 2013.