Traces AIR Antwerpen


Jun 2011 to Aug 2011
1968 USA

Peeesseye consists out of Jaime Fennelly, Fritz Welch and Chris Forsyth and are invited by OHNO COOPERATION to perform as guest band for the fifth edition of OPEN AIR # 5.


Peeesseye (USA, 1999) aka Perfect Salvation initiator aka p.s.i. aka Parental Suicide Initiative aka Pee-Ess-Eye is Dark Starly (guitar), Skunk Swastika (harmonium) and Semihuman Sacrifice (drums). The group was initially formed in 1968 at the behest of Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton but had to wait to begin tactiel playing music until remeeting in Brooklyn in 1999. This provided Jaime and Chris ample time to be born and grow up as well as the chance to meet Fritz, not to mention developing some wiched chops worthy of killing a slew of angry ghosts and corrupt politica’s. The band’s sonic corpus has migrated from improvised corn shocking to blood sequence to self-actualisation therapie. Although they have not played together before, Peeesseye promises unrelenting paleolithisch flavors. In 2010 Peeesseye released the LP Pestilence & Joy (Evolving Ear).