Traces AIR Antwerpen

Michiel Alberts

May 2005 to Aug 2005
1970 Amsterdam, lives and works in Antwerpen, Belgium

The work Michiel Alberts presents in AIR Antwerpen consists of photographic portraits and landscapes, collected in a book. The starting point of this work is the monologue Dreck by Robert Schneider. In this play, written in 1991, an illegal Iraqi rose seller wrestles with the fears and prejudices of the country in which he is staying. The fear of the population has become so strongly instilled in him that it turns against him. From this alienating perspective, the monologue becomes increasingly bitter and hopeless.

This piece, played by Michiel Alberts, was previewed last June at the Frascati theatre in Amsterdam.
The visual section presented in AIR Antwerpen is not an illustration of the text. Michiel Alberts distilled the subject matter and entered into a dialogue with the city of Antwerp. In his book of photographs, he composes the portraits and landscapes into a rhythm. Because of the sequence, a world develops that transcends the individual, a space in which fear and loneliness predominate. The work is part of the final project of the DasArts postgraduate course in Amsterdam.