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Luigi Coppola

Jan 2011 to Jul 2011
2012 Lecce, Italy. Lives and works in Brussels.

Luigi Coppola is an Italian artist that works primarily in performance art. His artistic research is concentrated on the relational dynamics, stressing the conceptual aspects of order in the social mechanisms. His artistic practice comes from a combination of various educational and professional experiences. He trained both as a scientist (Environmental Engineering, PhD in Risk Analysis) as well as in the art field (Visual and Performing Arts). His first artistic experiences are in the field of research theater, which was based on conceptual language and the construction of perceptive environments. Successively his research moves towards participative and collaborative practices and the development of politically motivated actions, strategies of representation of relational mechanism and dynamics of our society.

He created performances and exhibitions in different international contexts such as 1st Democracy Biennale, Turin; Museum Madre, Naples; New Langton Art, San Francisco; Galleria Lungomare, Bolzano (in the frame of Manifesta 7); Teheran Biennale, Teheran; Young Artists Biennale, Athens; Dock11, Berlin; WunderderPrairie, Mannheim; Fabbrica Europa Festival, Florence. He participated in international residences such as Seoul Art Space, Geumcheon; Taipei Artists Village,Taiwan; Hualien International Artists Workshop, Taiwan; CESTA, Tabor; Here Arts Centre, New York.
Luigi Coppola is a founder of the collaborative project Democratic Acts, an inquiry around the relationship between art and democracy, developed by a network of artists, curators and theorists (, and at the moment is the associated Artistic Director of the Urban Art Biennale in Bordeaux - Evento 2011.