Traces AIR Antwerpen

Caner Aslan

Nov 2011 to Feb 2012
1981 Turkey

As part of a collaboration between Kunstenfestival 0090, Lokaal 01 and Extra City Caner Aslan is invited for a presentation on the 9th of December in Lokaal 01 and a residency period afterwards in AIR Antwerpen until the 15th of February 2011.


Caner Aslan’s practice is based on extensive document – and image research. Through collage and appropriation techniques he uses found material and pictures. He presents them in new relations and contexts and amongst other media like film. During his residency in AIR Antwerpen he will work further around “village institutes” in rural areas in Turkey. It was an experimental educational program initiated during WWII and immediately stopped only 5 years later. These institutes were organised around the concept to change children from small villages into multidisciplinary teachers as an effort to take this knowledge back home and spread it in areas without schools or any connection with 'modern society'. These institutes embody one of the most utopic plans the new republic initiated in that time. 


Caner Aslan (°1981, Malatya, Turkey) lives and works between Istanbul and Ankara. He studied at the Ateliers in Amsterdam (2006/07). His works were shown in the following group exhibitions: When Ideas Become Crime, Depo, Istanbul, 2010; Relative Positions and Conclusions, Suriye Pasaji, Istanbul, 2009; Straw Poll, Salford, 2009; Berlin Biënnial, 2008; Offspring, de Ateliers, Amsterdam, 2008."