Traces AIR Antwerpen

Bert Jacobs

Sep 2014 to Nov 2014
1987 lives and works in Brussels

Bert Jacobs is selected for a residency of three months in Frankfurt am Main, as part of the annual exchange program with the Kulturbunker Frankfurt.

The practice of Bert Jacobs exists out of installations, drawings, graphics and photography. His works depart from found footage or found situations. In his drawings Bert Jacobs creates abstract and concrete spaces that are used as a study for an actual installation. The result is a three-dimensional sculpture, partly existing out of drawings and paintings, partly physically present, offering a space in the middle between a two dimensional perspective and a tangible presence. Bert Jacobs uses his installations and exhibitions as a reason to invite other artists to perform and play music. During these events visual art, music and performance collide in a persistent totality.

Bert Jacobs studied graphics at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent. His work was shown in the following exhibition (a selection): Minor Demons and Solar Shades, Brussels, 2014; Onder de loep, Emil Van Dorenmuseum, 2013; Off Paper, Antwerp, 2013; Het alibi van de representatie, Old Library, Ghent, 2013; La fête du peuple, LABDO, 2012; Cloudwatchingcinema for 10, Het Paleis, Antwerp, 2012.