Traces AIR Antwerpen

Antoine Van Impe

Mar 2014
1979 Lives and works in Liège

Antoine van Impe is invited for a residency of one month in AIR Antwerpen in the framework of the exchange project Het Kanaal / Le Canal.

The artworks of Antoine Van Impe knows various forms, but has its origin in common: a delibarate obsession on the basis of a common identity in the form of a Gestalt, object, word, sensation, feeling or idea. Through an accummulation of images, actions and representation, the subject gets deconstructed. This material is collected through solitary brainstorm session and its accompanying notes and illustrations. A lot of Antoine Van Impe’s projects, like for example ‘La_fabrique_des_chaises’, have no end and new images and objects are constantly created. 

Antoine van Impe graduated with a master in bi-dimensional and three dimensions researches at the Royal Fine Art Academy in Liège. Antoine van Impe was invited for the following solo exhibitions: La Fabrique des Chaises, Flux Galerie, Liège, 2012; La Fabrique des Chaises, Galerie Nadja Vilenne, Liège, 1011. His work was also shown in the following group exhibitions: Brainbox3 Unit3, Croxhapox, Ghent, 2013; Ars Justicia, Exposition/inauguration du nouveau palais de justice, Liège, 2012; Pavillon, Aux arts, etc, curated by Jacques Charlier, Welkenraedt, 2010; T-time, MAMAC, Liège, 2009; Le(s) moi(s) de Lizène, M HKA, 2009.