Traces AIR Antwerpen
Oct 2010 to Dec 2010

Kate McNamara

Kate McNamara is an Independent Curator and critic. She is co-founder and Director of Cleopatra's, a Brooklyn-based project space and recently held the position of Curatorial...
Sep 2010 to Dec 2010

Shaun Gladwell

Shaun Gladwell links personal experience with contemporary culture and historical references in a critical and poetical way through performance, video, painting, photography and ...
Jul 2010 to Sep 2010

Goran Skofic

Goran Skofic was selected by AIR Antwerpen on the BJCEM Biennial in Skopje, Macedonia in the framework of the ResArtis Awards. is a worldwide network of residencies....
Jul 2010 to Sep 2010

Hans Petri

Hans Petri is an artist from Frankfurt. His residency in AIR Antwerpen is part of a collaboration between AIR Antwerpen and the city of Frankfurt.    
Jul 2010 to Sep 2010

Doa Aly

Born in 1976 in Cairo, Aly lives and works in Cairo. Aly's main sources of inspiration are the study of human anatomy and performance-based industries such as dance, circus...
Jun 2010 to Jul 2010

Sophie Macpherson

Born in 1972 in Aylesbury , Sophie Macpherson lives and works in Glasgow, where she graduated with honors from the Environmental Art Dept, Glasgow School of Art. Macpherson...
May 2010 to Jul 2010

Paul Becker

Paul Becker (° Windsor, 1967) is een schrijver en schilder die afwisselend in Berlijn en Londen woont. Zijn eerste verzamelbundel False Testimony verscheen in mei 2010 bij Lenz...
May 2010 to Jul 2010

Alex Frost

Alex Frost's recent work is a cuckoo's egg carefully laid in the art world nest of British middle-class values and aspirations. This quiet subversion relies on a superficial...
May 2010 to Jul 2010

Nadia Hebson

  Nadia Hebson employs the ostensibly traditional techniques of portrait, seascape and still life to explore a contemporary psychological experience. The appropriation of art...
Jan 2010 to Mar 2010

Iman Issa

Iman Issa is an artist whose practice deals with questions pertaining to the available forms and methods for representing personal history, perception, and experience, and how...