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Lodgers#15: baumusik

Jul 2018 to Sep 2018
2016 Keulen

baumusik is happy to announce [BAU034], its second experimental group exhibition as guests of the LODGERS programme. The artist collective and music label from Cologne is a restless mixture of visual artists, writers, filmmakers, art students, musicians, cultural activists, DJs and others. It was founded in 2016 by friends, guests and collaborators of the beloved DIY venue Baustelle Kalk, a location which used to be a shelter for artistic and musical experiments that couldn't find a niche within the conventional cultural context of the city. Founded in 2012 by Meryem Erkus, her sister Fatma Erkus and filmmaker Nicole Wegner, Baustelle Kalk quickly became a central meeting place and playground for all kinds of artistic minds. Running for five years, the space was an equally rough yet inspiring safe haven, and never lacked energy nor the selfless support for artists. Out of this little bubble a handful artists founded the label collective baumusik.

baumusik's mission is to think beyond genres and disciplines and aims to develop the most confusing catalogue of Cologne. Whether it is an exhibition or a record, a poster series or a special event, it will also be given a catalogue number. Amongst these, you find [BAU420] “420 – Love Letters to Rihanna” a group exhibition and performance night in tribute Rihanna, [BAU025] a two week tour through China feat. six baumusik acts, or [BAU020] the triple CD super limited edition CÖLLN by infamous art and neo pop group HALL&RAUCH.

Meryem Erkus, co-founder of baumusik and our current LODGER has invited two central artists of baumusik – Timothy Shearer and Janina Warnk – to create new installations in the LODGERS space. With contrasting methods and aesthetics, they will build complex installations reflecting on public and private space, where brutal architecture meets a sanctuary of softness and fernweh. This combination composes an all-pervasive installation that will serve as performance stages for live shows and many other artworks by baumusik artists.

The exhibition will be developed throughout July and will be fully realised on Thursday 2nd of August with special performances on Saturday 4th of August. Within the exhibition, baumusik will release several new works such as a fashion edition, music releases, novels and videos.

Their 2nd anniversary will be celebrated in the garden of AIR Antwerpen on Friday 17th of August.

[BAU034] – an exhibition by baumusik & friends

Installations by Timothy Shearer & Janina Warnk feat. works by:

Marie Claire Delarber, Meryem Erkus, Lukas Goersmeyer, Sebastian Ingenhoff, Caroline Kox, Malo, Jan-Ole Schiemann, Britta Terkotte, Roland Kaiser Wilhelm, + baumusik friends Julia König, David Lichter and Finn Wagner.

With live and DJ performances by:

CAMP INC, Koxette, Liberty Snake, zo-on slows, Roland Kaiser Wilhelm, UMMN, Jeandado, Hall&Rauch, O Pan, Abel, Monibi, Igor Amore, Minjung Cho, Diana Jones, BritKat, Malo

THU 02.08.2018
Welcome Reception

w/ live-performances
zo-on slows / Liberty Snake / UMMN

THU 16.08.2018
live-performance Hall&Rauch

FRI 31.08.2018
Presentation of the new fashion line inspired by China (title tbd)

SAT 01.09.2018
w/ live-performances by Koxette / O Pan

SUN 29.07.2018
2 years baumusik
w/ live-performances by:
Roland Kaiser Wilhelm / LIBERTY SNAKE
DJ: Diana Jones, Abel, Monibi

SUN 19.08.2018
CAMP INC / Jeandado
DJ Mini+Britta / Igor Amore