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LODGERS#14: C.C.Q.C, Wellness Centre Future Proof

Wellness Centre Future Proof - How to tame the multi headed dragon in the palace of mirrors?

Public program C.​C​.​Q​.​O​.​

Thursday, June 14
18h00 - 21h00 Opening Wellness Centre Future Proof
19h00 Opening talk Pascal Gielen

Tuesday, June 19
15h00 Open Quest: Silent Discussion on Commons & Sustainability
Invitation to join in a discussion on and with the Culture Commons Quest Office. This exercise is silent.

Visitors are invited to participate in the production/drawing of the C​.​C​.​Q​.​O​.​-diagram together with the research group members. It is a form of a game according to the following principle: the words 'Culture Commons Quest Office' are written on a board and everybody is welcome to get involved; add, change, draw, connect, erase, question, and shape the content of the diagram/mindmap.

Wednesday, June 20
Book Discussion
11h00 Open Book Discussion about Massimo De Angelis’ ‘All in Common’

"In this weaving of radical political economy, Omnia Sunt Communia sets out the steps to post-capitalism. By​ ​conceptualising the commons not just as common goods but as a set of social systems, Massimo De Angelis shows their pervasive presence in everyday life, mapping out a strategy for total social transformation. From the micro to the macro, De Angelis unveils the commons as fields of power relations - shared space, objects, subjects - that explode the limits of daily life under capitalism. He exposes attempts to co-opt the commons, through the use of code words such as 'participation' and 'governance', and reveals the potential for radical transformation rooted in the reproduction of our communities, of life, of work and of society as a whole.“

Massimo De Angelis’ book All in Common will be discussed publicly by the C.C.Q.O. members. Feel free to join and participate.

Thursday June 21
16h00 - 21h00
The Open Narration​s​

The Open Narration​s​ is a sequence of presentations from the Culture Commons Quest Office. With contributions by Arne Herman, Lara Garcia Diaz, and Juan Canela. Introduction on CCQO by Louis Volont.

The presentations will be followed by a screening of “Donna Haraway: Storytelling for Earthly Survival” a film by Fabricio Terranova.​ Watch the ​trailer online here.


Wellness Centre Future Proof is a research project that runs parallel to – and infiltrates into – the academic research of C.C.Q.O. (Cultural Commons Quest Office) at the University of Antwerp. It is an inherently artistic project, located both in reality and in fiction. This creates the possibility to function in an artistic and a non-artistic environment.

Wellness Centre Future Proof strives to add extra dimensions to the concept of ‘common sustainability’ in our Anthropocene. The reciprocity between artistic and academic research forms the continuation of the so-called ‘Garland Strategy’, with which the Wellness Centre will be explored as a ‘common ground’ during LODGERS.

Wellness Centre Future Proof is a collaboration with Arne Herman, Giuliana Ciancio, Hanka Otte, Juan Canela Claver, Karina Beumer, Katinka de Jonge, Lara Garcia Diaz, Liesje De Laet, Louis Volont, Pascal Gielen, Thijs Lijster, and Walter van Andel.


Wellness Centre Future Proof is presented as part of the ARIA program for LODGERS (AIR Antwerp and M HKA). Free access to visit our LODGERS. Drop by!