Traces AIR Antwerpen

The Living Room: Lodgers#15 Baumusik

17 Augustus 2018, 17 - 21 u

Wednesday evening in The Living Room
2 YEARS baumusik

Live performances by:
CAMP INC / Jeandado
+ baumusik DJ-Progam

Meryem Erkus, co-founder of baumusik and our current LODGERS has invited two central artists of baumusik – Timothy Shearer and Janina Warnk – to create new installations in the LODGERS space at M HKA. With contrasting methods and aesthetics, they will build complex installations reflecting on public and private space, where brutal architecture meets a sanctuary of softness and fernweh. This combination composes an all-pervasive installation that will serve as performance stages for live shows and many other artworks by baumusik artists.

The exhibition will be developed throughout July and will be fully realised on Thursday 2nd of August with special performances on Saturday 4th of August. Within the exhibition, baumusik will release several new works such as a fashion edition, music releases, novels and videos.

Their 2nd anniversary will be celebrated in the garden of AIR Antwerpen on Friday 17th of August.

are Cologne based Roland Kaiser Wilhelm and Sebastian Ingenhoff. Teaming up as a techno duo, they play energetic and raw club live-sets. That means wild acid basslines, spacy synths and dirty kickdrums, bringing love, sweat and madness. After having released several EPs and Mixtapes on different labels their debut album Perché La Notte was released in October 2016 on Baumusik.

Who is Jeandado?
He appears, swiftly, silently, like a cloud or a horse. He is, of course, a musician. Unlike most musicians, most of his art is made via his eyes and arms. He watches you and floats his arms like antennae. And then a beat sets in and a sound a bass, and then Jeandado begins to sing or rather, not sing. With Im Rüssel (In the trunk) he once again comes forth as one of the foremost interpreters of the music of Jeandado. To call Im Rüssel techno would be like calling sweet birdsong “chirping“. Jeandado never chirps. He is, wholly and truly, a trunk man, a nozzle man, a probocis and beak man, a man to unite and transcend all of the sounds of the animal kingdom and all the sounds of man. Most of all, he sounds like Jeandado, a suprising feat and stunt most daring. Who else in this time and place would dare to be a Jean, a Dado or even … no one.