Traces AIR Antwerpen
Sep 2017

Allon Kaye

Administrator of Entr’acte (1999 - present).
Sep 2017


Kim Delcour: schawm, bagpipe, bass flute, reed; Brecht Ameel: santur, monochord, hummel; Pieter Lenaerts: sarangi, 5 string double bass; Paul Garriau: hurdy gurdy Razen improvises...
Sep 2017

Jelle Spruyt

Jelle Spruyt participates in The Living Room XL The art of Jelle Spruyt is a total sensa- tion existing out of costumes, decors, sculptures, performances, sounds, smells and...
Sep 2017

Wim Catrysse

Wim Catrysse is video artist and filmmaker. For the Living Room XL Wim Catrysse screens the film MSR. The title is an abbreviation for Main Supply Route, the road used to supply...
Sep 2017 to Oct 2017

Koba De Meutter

Koba De Meutter was selected for the first residency in R.A.T Mexico City in September 2017 and participates in The Living Room XL. Koba De Meutter’s installations question...
Aug 2017 to Sep 2017

Rowan Van As

Rowan Van As participates in The Living Room XL. The art practice of Rowan Van As consists of installations, sculptures, performances and videos. He intervenes in public space...
Aug 2017 to Oct 2017

LODGERS#11: Drop City

M HKA and AIR Antwerpen have invited Drop City to be the eleventh guest in the LODGERS programme, occupying the 6th floor of the museum for the duration of the residency.
Aug 2017 to Oct 2017


In the framework of the bi-annual collaboration with Europala, this year with guest country Indonesia, AIR Antwerpen and M HKA invited Lifepatch for a residency of three months....
Aug 2017

Aymeric De Tapol

Aymeric De Tapol is invited to play a concert in The Living Room XL The hypnotizing sounds of Aymeric de Tapol form a dense and detailed mental landscape. He describes his music...
Jul 2017

Matin Abedi

Matin Abedi participates in a residency of one month in AIR Antwerpen, in the framework of the annual exchange program with Kooshk Residency, Tehran. In her artworks Matin Abedi...